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18 Shake : Best Weight Loss Solution

The Ultimate Solution for Losing Weight Over-weight is a serious problem that should immediately be solved. But when someone tries to lose their weight, the common mistake the major person do is lose their metabolism by some improper diet. It is important to skip some heavy meal in order to burn some fat, but it can be dangerous when you cannot fill up the proper nutrition needs. 18 Shake is the solution to those problems. You can easily replace your high-calorie fat producing meals with some high-protein lite drink. This can supply proper nutrition to your body without adding any fat producing elements. 18 Shake is one of the best meal replacement shakes brand in the market that can effectively get the weight-loss job done.

18 shakes are the meal replacement protein shake manufactured by 18Nutrition a Los Angeles based nutrition company. They are successfully offering the quality weight loss products since 2013. 18Nutrition produces healthy and natural weight loss product that can help to lose weight by proper and easy dieting. 18 Shake is one of their best weight loss products that are made of natural and healthy ingredients. The main goal of this company is to help people get rid of their undesirable part from their body. Here you’ll find a well-researched 18 shake reviews that can help you understand this product deeply.  

What 18 Shake is?

Well, 18 Shake is a brand of a meal replacement shake. It is prepared with some natural and healthy ingredients that can reduce the hunger and lessen the body fat within a promising time. With 18 shakes you can have an effective liquid meal that is well wrapped with some healthy and beneficial nutrient elements.

18 Shake

18 Shake Diet

The 18-shake diet is a diet plan that is to be followed during having the shake. It is an effective weight-loss diet plan which works by skipping multiple regular meals and has the nutrient shake instead those skipped meals. You’ll find full instruction of using 18 shake diet’ in the e-book version of their diet plan.  

Ingredients of 18 shake

18 shake is full of vitamins and minerals. They made this amazing weight-loss shake with 18 important vitamin and soy-free elements. 24 vitamins and minerals, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and fibersol-2 are the key ingredients of 18 shake.  

Nutrition facts of 18 shake

In spite of being so tasty to drink, 18 shake doesn’t contain an unhealthy taste-maker element or artificially sweetened. All they use to prepare this tasty meal replacement is a natural and healthy ingredient that can help reduce weight and maintain good health. Only 90 calories added with this shake. 18 shake contains low calorie but it’s enriched with high-protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that can help you acquire the same energy that you may get from the high-calorie regular meal. The superfood blend and natural sweetened increase the taste of this shake than any other conventional shake in the market.  

18 Shake products

Currently, 18 shake has 3 different products and an e-book to help people lose their weight. The company claims that Sletrokor is the product that can enhance the usefulness of meal replacement shake. Gymnema Sylvestre, Garcinia cambogia and Aloe Vera are the main elements of Sletrokor that can help to boost the metabolism and lose the weight.  

18 Shake Flavor

At this time 18 shake doesn’t provide much variety of flavor. They only offer 2 flavors to their customers. You can choose your shake from:  

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate 

Some 18 Shake Recipes

With only two types of 18 shake flavors, you’ll no longer need to have the same boring taste over and over again as there is still a lot more to add. 18 shake’ team provide some unique recipe that can make your shake far more delicious and healthy. All you need is to pick your liked one from 18 shake official website and follow their instructions that can leads you prepare your meal within 10 minutes. The recipe is full of healthy ingredients like banana, strawberry, mango, and milk. The following recipes can make your 18 shakes more exciting and tastier: 

  • Chocolate strawberry blast
  • Peanut butter shake
  • Apple pie shake
  • Super green smoothie
  • Blueberry bluster shake  

Benefits of 18 Shake

When you are attempting to maintain a weight loss diet, it can be complicated for you to prepare well-balanced food in every mealtime. But if you switch 18 Shake, then you need not to concern much about your replacement meal. It takes only a few minutes (1 or 2) to prepare a highly nutrient shake that can easily be replaced with any conventional lunch or dinner. You’ll get the same energy with fewer calories in 18 shake. This useful meal replacement has those elements that can help boosting your metabolism that is important while you’re in a diet.  

Side Effects of 18 Shake

Although there is no remarkable side effect found till now, but there’s little chance to occur some unexpected effects like:  

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea 

18 Shake Competitors

There are so many brands you may found that producing weight loss shakes. No shortage you’ll find in this industry. The popular meal replacement brand including 310 Shake, Shakeology, GNC Lean Shakes, Burn TS and Visalus Shakes are the main competitors of 18 shakes in the market. All of the products have their own quality and 18 shakes has too.  

Costing and Where to Buy the 18 Shake

In order to grab the best meal replacement, shake you need to know the price of 18 shake where to buy. You can buy the 18-shake pack from their official website. 18 shake Amazon picked weight loss product can also be found on Amazon as well. The basic 18 shake price is $89.99 that contains 1 bag of 18 shakes. With the 2 bags package, you’ll get a free extra bag of 18 shakes and the 18-diet eBook with only $179.98. With the 3 bags package, you can even save more. They provide two bags extra as free and same eBook only at $239.95. 18 shake offer money back guarantees too.  


In the weight loss process, 18 shakes bring the flexibility of dieting and loss weight without a heavy workout. You can curtail a massive amount fat from your body if you can follow their eBook properly and replace high-calorie meal regularly with this weight loss shake. 18 shake is the product that converts the dieting an easy and yieldable one.


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