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310 Shake Vs Isagenix Shake: Which is the Best Weight Loss Shake?

It’s not that easy to choose a good meal replacement shake with so many options out there. You have to consider your daily nutritional requirements and also be aware of artificial and controversial ingredients. Most weight loss shakes offer more calories than you would like or have nutrients that don’t benefit you when taken over the long run – and you might ask yourself whether 310 shakes or Isagenix shake could be the answer. This 310 shake vs Isagenix shake review will make a detailed comparison between 310 Shake and Isagenix Shake. Both are weight loss shakes and promise to provide your daily dietary requirements along with helping you lose weight.

But is that the truth? Let’s find out.

310 Shake Vs Isagenix Shake

Here is a look at some of the top ways these two weight loss shakes differ.

Nutritional Facts: 310 Shake Vs Isagenix Shake

One serving (24.5g) of 310 shake offers 90 calories along with 15g protein (61.2% of pack weight). Compared to that, one serving of Isagenix IsaLean Shake is 61g which comes with 240 calories and 24g protein (40% of total weight).

Before jumping at the calorie content of Isagenix shake, consider its huge 61g serving. The same amount of 310 Shake approximately contains 20 calories less. So it’s not a big deal!

The protein content is much higher in 310 Shake, and you can make that out by the percentage of the total weight. So at 60g serving, 310 shakes will have around 36g of protein.

Both formulas use whey protein concentrates, and milk protein concentrates on their proteins. You will also find various minerals and vitamins in the mix to help you with your energy levels.

Isagenix Shake packs in 23 different minerals and vitamins, while for 310 Shake, the number stands at 16. Common ingredients include vitamins A, C, D, B, E, iron, magnesium, riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, and others. All the ingredients contribute to energy building, improving health, and burning fat.

Satisfaction Level

You will not be let down by the result of both the products. You will keep feeling full for a good 3 to 4 hours after consuming the shake.

310 Nutrition uses three types of proteins to help curb hunger for longer periods. For Isagenix, it’s a combination of active enzymes, fiber, and whey protein that does the job.

Consumers have reported weight loss from both the products. You need to drink them as directed for at least two weeks and stay active.

You can expect to lose 10 pounds after using the products for a month or more (results vary on an individual basis).

Taste: 310 Shake Vs Isagenix Shake

Here Isagenix may have been the winner in the past, but now its 310 weight loss shakes. 310 shakes have a new formula, which the company website says uses special technologies to enhance the flavor… and user reviews agree.

Isagenix uses almost 11 times more sugar than 310 Shake per serving, and for some, it is too sweet. However, many people express that they enjoy the taste. If you think it’s too sweet, you can always mix it with some plain coconut or almond milk to tame it down.

Controversial Ingredients in Isagenix Shake

Unfortunately, some artificial and controversial ingredients bring down the credibility of Isagenix shakes. While it may not be alarming for the average person, it surely makes an impact on those with sensitivities. We really cannot vouch for how safe these ingredients would be over the long run, a reason you might want to avoid them.

High Fructose Content

Isagenix packs 11g to 13g sugar in their shakes, which is fructose. High intake of fructose is linked to aging, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, and other diseases.

Also, the amount is of concern, as for women, the recommended amount of daily sugar intake is 25g. So two weight loss shakes per day, along with other sources of sugar, can cross the daily limit easily. People with sugar or diabetes will need to be cautious or stay away from this.

Fat Content

Isagenix also contains 4g to 6g fat per serving while 310 Shake is fat-free. You do need a fat-free shake to help you be fit in the long run!


The high fructose amount, fat, and higher calories in Isagenix Shake can make it unsuitable for some people. You wouldn’t want to take it over the long run.

On the other hand, 310 Shake is safe for all types of people and can be consumed without any worries. You get to save on your calories, get all the nutrients you need, and choose from different flavors that are sure to make your workout sessions exciting!

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