Awesome Discovery of The Week: Fitz

We would love to feel the happy high that evidently originates from Kondo-ing one’s storeroom, however adjacent to not having room schedule-wise to deal with it all; there’s the entire other occupation of getting the proper sorting out embellishments, returning the attendants, and giving/offering the greater part of the castoffs.

Enter Fitz. The brainchild of Gilt and Glamsquad fellow benefactor Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the storage room sorting out and styling service does the greater part of the previously mentioned assignments (and the sky is the limit from there) in 3 hours time. Here are the means by which it goes down:

  1. You round out a test about your style and send photographs of your storage room.
  2. Two super-cool beauticians show up (and it’s so not unbalanced, and they are great) to help you whoopee and nay your storage room.
  3. They suggest certain hierarchical frill (you can choose them or not). If you need them, a van shows up and drops them off, and the beauticians fuse them into the re-organization of your storage room – done by thing and shading.
  4. Together you choose what to exchange and give. They do the giving and offering; you get installment for things sold (we got a check half a month later for more than $600).
  5. For things that need fitting, they send an in-home tailor to deal with it.
  6. They convey you an email a couple days after your meeting with recommended pieces to fill holes in your storeroom. Their picks were right on the money (and we’re way fastidious).

The charge for the 3-hour storage room patch up is $300, which we made back (to say the least) with the garments they sold for us. However, the simplicity and motivation you’re left with getting dressed each day is extraordinary.

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