Best CBD Dog Treats: Everything You Need to Know

Times are changing very fast, and as opposed to relying solely on clinical drugs, people have turned to alternative medicine. The good thing is that the alternative treatment options are useful for both humans and pets as well. You need to note that dogs and humans have the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for regulating homeostasis. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the best CBD dog treats and how to go about the purchase.

Let’s Talk About CBD

CBD is extracted from the buds and flowers of cannabis (hemp or marijuana plants). All the same, CBD will never produce the “high” feeling that is always associated with marijuana only because it does not contain any THC. While CBD oil for human use is growing in popularity, CBD treats and edibles for dogs are doing the same. Most vets have recommended the use of CBD products on dogs even though the scientific research into this product is still in the early stages. If you wonder whether CBD will be beneficial to your pets, you need to proceed reading through this post. Additionally, if you want to learn about the best CBD treats for dogs, this post will be beneficial.

What is CBD Dog-Treats?

Humans can consume CBD in different forms, including oil and gummies, but dogs are given CBD in terms of CBD dog treats. These are simply dog treats, including biscuits that have been infused with some CBD. Because some dogs might not like the taste of CBD oil, investing CBD in their treats proves to be a great idea.

Choosing CBD Treats for Dogs

Just like you would do when shopping for CBD products for your use, you also need to keep in mind several factors when buying the best CBD dog treats. Getting the best CBD dog treat for pain might be demanding if you do not know where to begin. Some of the aspects to look for include:

  • Sourcing method- you must make sure that you buy organic CBD Dog treats that are free from pesticides and chemicals.
  • CBD type- you can choose from CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD products depending on your pet’s needs. The isolate has nothing more than CBD, while broad-spectrum products have all cannabinoids from hemp apart from THC. On the other hand, full-spectrum products have all cannabinoids, including traces of THC.
  • 3rd party lab results- you will need to guarantee that the treats you are about to buy have undergone tests from third-party labs with the results easily accessible online. The tests help to verify the purity and effectiveness of the treats.

Best CBD Dog Treats Brands Review

The market has so much to offer as far as CBD treats for dogs are concerned. Due to the rising demand for these products, several manufacturers have continued to make these products leading to a flood in the market. We, therefore, prepared the best CBD dog treats review below to help buyers choose the products that will work for their pets with no issues. Have a look at the review and later order whatever seems good for your pets.


FAB CBD Dog Treats

These treats will always outdo its competitors. If you are therefore looking for cost-effective dog treats, this should be your number one stopover. They are reliable, safe, and pure for use on your pets. You will appreciate that there are three formulas and flavors to choose from. Additionally, every treat comes with 3mg of CBD to give your pet a good dosage of CBD to solve different issues. Among the issues that these treats will help with include immune and digestive issues.


  • These are very high-quality CBD dog treats.
  • Great product variety
  • Ideal for treating the daily illnesses among your dogs
  • Comes in three glorious flavors


  • Concentration is a bit low.



These are superior treats for dogs, and you will appreciate that they are yummy and organic. The non-GMO and gluten-free dog treats have been proven to calm anxiety and stress among your dogs. It is, therefore, an ideal option for those dogs that are struggling with emotional conditions. Another feature to appreciate about this brand is that it arrives in 2 flavor options that are peanut butter and sweet green flavors. Both are very delicious and will leave the pet craving for much more. Every pack comes with a maximum of 30 treats with every treat containing up to 5mg of CBD.


  • Ideal for treating different mental issues
  • It is effective for both young and old dogs.
  • The treats are gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Calms stress and anxiety


  • Concentration is a bit low.



This is yet another effective product for your pets with a potency of 4mg in every CBD treat. The delicious chicken and beef treat contain industrial hemp oil. It is mainly known to balance the moods and emotions of your pets. If your dog is, therefore, suffering from anxiety and stress, you need to consider buying these treats. Generally, it is an effective way of incorporating CBD oil in the diet of your pets. It makes use of full-spectrum CBD that is very effective for different dog issues.


  • Ideal for different dog issues
  • It gives very fast results.
  • The treats are all cost-effective.
  • Every treat contains 4mg of CBD.


  • The concentration of CBD is low.


Pet Honesty

This company is known for making quality and soft chews for your dogs. Paying attention to their line of products, they are very good in terms of options. Every option specializes in taking care of specific problems that your pets might be having. You can be sure that your pets will be safe with these products now that their products have no chemicals. There are also different flavor options available. Every pack comes with a total of 90 pieces at very convenient pricing.


  • There are many flavor options.
  • Specialized products for specialized needs
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • It contains no chemicals.


  • Slow international shipping

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web Dog Treats

You can trust that this brand has the best treats for your dogs. For beginners, this is a well-known brand that has managed to become a household name over the years. It uses a high CBD-strain, meaning that your pet is going to achieve maximum benefits. Being an industry leader, this brand makes CBD treats from healthy hemp oil. To add on that, the full-spectrum product arrives in a single potency and two flavor options. Generally, this product is going to help with easing pain that comes from arthritis and muscle tension.


  • This is a highly trusted brand for CBD related products.
  • The pricing for these products is moderate.
  • They offer a solid return policy.
  • There are two flavor options.


  • Slow customer service

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs Dog Treats

This is yet another brand that is known for its wide variety of CBD products that arrive in excellent packaging. This brand has a variant in dog biscuits that comes in a small pack of up to 8 biscuits. Every biscuit, in this case, has a total of 10mg of CBD, meaning that the potency of every pack is 80mg. The unique thing about this brand is that they make safe and effective CBD treats for your dogs at a very affordable price. You will also appreciate that there is free shipping of these products all over the US.


  • Effective, safe, and lab-tested for quality
  • The ingredients used are dog-friendly
  • They offer value for money.
  • The treats arrive in attractive packaging.


  • Lack of options for dog treats

Verma Farms

Verma Farms Dog Treats

This product line has a good reputation keeping in mind that the product has been featured in some high-profile publications that have praised it so much. This brand is dedicated to helping to improve and eradicate different health issues in the dog. Among the issues that the CBD dog treats have been proved to assist with include anxiety and arthritis as well. Given that these treats have no THC, they will be safe for your dogs. Your dogs are also going to enjoy a great CBD potency since every piece has 5mg of CBD.


  • Ideal for both young and old dogs
  • It treats mental and physical issues.
  • It is free from the harmful artificial compounds.
  • The treats have 5mg CBD for every piece.


  • It is quite expensive.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Oil and CBD Dog Treats?

If you are there wondering what to use for your dogs between treats and CBD oils, you need to know that CBD oil is far much better. However, for dogs who are not fans of CBD oils, CBD treats will be a great alternative. These treats come in distinct flavors that your dogs will love. As we mentioned earlier, CBD treats treat with which CBD oil has been infused. Some people firmly believe that the process of investing CBD oil into the joys will decrease its efficacy. However, from the information from pet owners, dogs have received similar benefits.

Benefits and Side Effects

CBD has proved to be a good source of alternative medicine. The non-toxic compound has so many health benefits, including:

  • Minimizing aggressive behaviors
  • Treating seizures
  • Alleviating digestive issues

Just like other products, there is nothing that will lack some negatives. Similarly, these treats can pose some mild side effects, including:

Is CBD Dog Treats Legal?

CBD treats are regarded as legal for pets, but the legal problems occur when the extract contains more THC than the recommended proportion. Additionally, these treats will be illegal in case they have been made using cannabis plants as opposed to hemp plants. The legality of CBD treats for dogs will vary from one state to the other. You must, therefore, do your research properly if you are planning to buy these treats for your pets.

Final Thoughts

Giving your pets the best CBD treats will be a perfect thing to do. They will help you to manage different health issues among your pets, both physical and mental. Getting the best CBD dog treats should now be a straightforward task to accomplish. We hope that this piece has awakened you to the many benefits that these treats bring to your pet. You need to keep all the guidelines listed in this review if you are looking to get the best. All the products reviewed above are from reliable brands, and you can, therefore, count on them. However, you will need to talk with the veterinarian before administering these treats to your dogs to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

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