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Centr is a health and fitness app launched in 2019 by Chris Hemsworth. This app is designed not only to help you get in shape but to facilitate a healthier and happier life through workouts, healthy meals, meditations, and thought-provoking blog posts and podcasts. Like other apps, the Chris Hemsworth app can also be downloaded on a phone and accessed anywhere if you have the internet. In Google Play 2020 awards, Centr app is named as one of the Best Personal Growth App. In this Centr review, we’ll explore what the app is about and how it works.

Workouts offer by this app don’t differ that much compared to other fitness or weight loss apps. The difference you may find is that the Chris Hemsworth Centr app is more concentrated on your goals and on the type of exercise you’re doing. Most importantly, you can choose a set of bodyweights, workout levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels) for yourself. And instead of doing workouts through the app calendar, you can also pick the one that’s next up in your program schedule. This type of feature gives a feeling of advancement and continuity.

I joined a six-week program in which I do six sets of six movements for six days of each week, it was about a 30-minute workout each day. I liked Chris Hemsworth’s app a lot.

About Centr

Centr is a fitness app that offers comprehensive guidance based on fitness goals. People use it for improving health, building muscles, and so on. This app offers specific workouts that will be based on your answers to achieve fitness goals. Not only workout suggestions, but it also offers meal suggestions and mental guidance such as meditation and mindfulness too. It’s better to note any dietary requirements if you have so that the Centr app recommends meals accordingly. Centr app has even a ‘Pescatarian’ option which is really great.

The app’s content is divided into three categories mainly ie- Training(workouts), Eat (Meal plans), and Live (meditations and mindfulness). Centr also encourages you to join the Facebook Group for more tips, and workouts discussion. It acts as an additional support system to attain a healthier way of being by following its three foundational principles.

App Structure

App Structure

The app tried to offer home gym alternatives especially for those exercises that might be too difficult to perform at home (barbell deadlifts). In addition, for payment options, you can sign up online on your PC through the app as the web interface makes it easier to see and change payment options.

Centr’s workouts are available in two formats. One is ‘coached’ that are classic workouts that include video-type classes which are beneficial if you want an instructor to demonstrate a particular move.  Another one is ‘Self-guided’ that are audio-based workouts that include videos or photos of each move. It is also great if you are comfortable with exercising and want more flexibility with your workout.

Bonus workouts are also available to you on your calendar to add to your workout sessions. These are usually 10 minutes long. Moreover, the app calendar doesn’t give you any days off from workouts. Therefore, it is all up to you to take frequent breaks according to your need.

Centr app also has filter options to search for the workout you want to do. In addition, you can also select a format of workout-coached or self-guided workout. You can filter your workout style too- whether it’s HIIT, HIRT, MMA, yoga, and much more. Whatever be your equipment and target areas like core arms and something else.

How does the Centr app works?

To start working with the Centr app, you need to sign up for Centr  first. After signing up, a brief quiz appears that asks general questions related to body stats such as height, weight, fitness level, and body goals (lose weight, build muscle or get fit), and dietary preferences (meat, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan). According to your quiz answers, the app provides you a calendar that shows workouts, meditation sessions, and meal plans for each day.

According to my requirements, I filled Centr app quiz information by- intermediate level of fitness, vegetarian meals, and goals of getting fit and toned. On the basis of this information filled by me, I got workout sessions. Later on, I switched my information and plan to check out what’s the difference in workouts for building muscles, losing weight, etc. As a result, I find that there is actually a lot of differences in workouts according to different fitness levels and goals. It was a pretty experience that the calendar changes (workouts and meals) according to my selection.

Is Centr worth subscribing to?

You may have seen various lifestyle apps that feature a well-known Hollywood actor, can’t offer better lifestyle and fitness workouts than Centr. You may find cheaper and even free exercise apps out there. But how it will be if you spend a little more money and commitment for the program that assures you will get what you pay for.

Considering price and time commitment. Centr offers 6 weeks free trial for a limited time. If you like to work out, eating and increase stamina with the star-studded dream team.

Every product or service review has its own pros and cons. Similarly, Centr review also includes some pros – a variety of workout styles to choose from, daily meditations, weekly recipes of grocery lists, coached and self-guided workouts preferences on the other hand, it also has some cons such as Centr has a random daily plan, no tracking feature to know calories burned or consumed.

Final words

Centr cannot transform you into Chris Hemsworth overnight. But this app can address you towards fitness and a healthy journey successfully. As the Centr app suggests meal options and workouts every day, it becomes easier to follow the plan provided by the app. If you want to start a workout through this app then Centr review can be useful to you. However, getting a body like Chris Hemsworth straight away is not possible without putting your own efforts into it.

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