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Coenzyme Q10 – The Powerful Ingredient Princeton Nutrients is Using to Revolutionizing Heart Health

Princeton Nutrients is not news any longer, especially when we hear of VitaPulse supplement. The ingredients contained in this supplement delivers immense health benefits, particularly Coenzyme Q10. It is a very useful ingredient contained in this supplement. Even though CoQ10 is naturally produced in our bodies, most of us lack enough of this enzyme. This is where VitaPulse comes in to close the existing gap. Well, there are other reasons as to why you need this incredible enzyme.

Preserves Eyesight

At old age, we all have the fear of losing our eyesight. However, CoQ10 is one unique enzyme that promises to change the story. This ingredient is able to reduce the chances of losing eyesight among the elderly. The reason people aged 60 years or more lose their vision is because of macular degeneration. Fortunately, use of Vitapulse (which contains CoQ10) reduces chances of this condition.

In a move to determine compounds that prevent macular degeneration, scientists carried out a study involving 100 individuals. Participants of this study were at advanced stages of macular degeneration. Half the participants took placebo while the other half took CoQ10. For one full year, researchers monitored the participants of this study, carefully analyzing their macular degeneration progress during the entire period. In the end, participants that took capsules containing Coenzyme Q10 experienced a significant improvement in eye vision. On the other hand, those that took placebo alone got worse. There was only one incidence where one participant taking capsules with CoQ10 experienced a decline in his visual acuity.


Reduces Migraine Attacks

Perhaps you may not be aware but migraine is one of the worst conditions. You better wish you never ever experience one. It is terrible! Those who have suffered from migraine headaches knows how it feels. You feel like lying idle until it stops.

The pretty good news is, researchers have found out that taking Coenzyme Q10 reduces the frequency of migraine attacks. During one particular 90-day research, patients known to experience between 2-8 migraine attacks were given 100mg of Coenzyme Q10. Other participants were given placebo. There was a 4.4 to 3.2 reduction in migraine attacks among those who took CoQ10. In the group that took placebo, researchers recorded a reduction of migraine attacks from 4.4 to 3.3.

Reduces Chances of Death in Cardiac Arrest Episodes

Cardiac arrests are common causes of death. In a move to increases the chances of surviving these attacks, scientists have been studying a new approach with the hopes it will lower the body temperature. The approach involves a combination of CoQ10 and hypothermia. In one experiment, scientists analyzed about 50 individuals with a history of cardiac arrest. During the study, nearly half of the participants were given CoQ10/hypothermia treatment while the rest were given placebo. Treatment was in liquid form and was administered three times a day for 5-days. Patients received the treatment through a tube placed in their noses. When researchers analyzed the results, nearly 70% of those who took the treatment survived cardiac arrests while only less than 30% of those that didn’t take the treatment survived.

Miraculous Benefits to the Cardiovascular System

Needless to say, CoQ10 is the ingredient contained in VitaPulse that is associated with improved cardiovascular health. According to research findings, this ingredient delivers miraculous health benefits. It is thought to reduce complications among those with a history of heart failure. According to one study, heart failure patients taking Coenzyme Q10 experienced a significant improvement in their circulation system.

That is Not the End of The Story: More Reasons Why You Should Consider Using CoQ10

There are other benefits associated with the use of CoQ10. According to the statistics of one study, use of this enzyme reduces hearing deterioration. The study involved two groups of participants where one group used CoQ10 while the other one was placed on placebo.

In addition, this incredible enzyme may also inhibit asthenozoospermia; a condition where sperms are unable to migrate within the female reproductive tract. In a nutshell, CoQ10 may help improve fertility in males.


We definitely can’t exhaust all the health benefits associated with CoQ10. These are just a portion of the several immense health benefits one reaps from using VitaPulse from Princeton Nutrients. However, do not forget that this is a supplement just like others available in the market. Always talk to a qualified medical practitioner before using CoQ10-based products. Remember safety comes first!

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