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Comparison of 310 and Orgain Weight Loss Shakes

If you’re not sure whether to choose the 310 shakes or the Orgain whey shakes then this article will help you see why 310 weight loss shakes are the better choice to make. Of course, you may think we are biased, but alas, the nutritional information doesn’t lie.

One of the best ways to shift excess pounds and trim the body of fat is by burning more calories than you are consuming. Simply put, eat less and move more. However, just because you are eating less shouldn’t mean that you are receiving fewer vitamins and minerals than your body needs. This is why a well-rounded weight loss shake such as the 310 shake proves to be the best. You can look for 310 shake reviews to justify this true fact.

So let’s begin with the comparison and see how each of them weighs up in the nutrition stakes. Just to clarify, as each brand has different sized serving suggestions, we are going to reduce the Orgain shake to be at 28.7 grams per serving too so that the comparison is as equal as it is fair.

The 310 Shake: in a 28.7 gram serving there are 90 calories.

The Orgain Shake: in a 28.7 gram serving there are 98 calories.

So how do they match up when it comes to fiber and cholesterol? Of course, as we all know, fiber is a vital part of every person’s daily diet and should not be skimped on when cutting back on the calories. Fiber is an ideal way to help lose weight effectively while helping lower LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol.

The 310 Shake: in a 28.7 gram serving there are 0mg of cholesterol and 5 grams of fiber.

The Orgain Shake: in a 28.7 gram serving there are 46mg of cholesterol and 2.1 grams of fiber.

So again, it is clear to see that the 310 shake performs better when compared gram for gram against the orgain weight loss shakes. The next parts to compare include the carbohydrate content and fat content.

The 310 Shake: in a 28.7 gram serving there are 7g of carbs and 1.5 grams of fat.

The Orgain Shake: in a 28.7 gram serving there are 8.4g of carbs and 2.1 grams of fat.

There is a clear pattern emerging here that shows that 310 weight loss shakes are of a higher quality. Many brands, including Orgain, are making serving sizes much larger to appear as if there is a lot of protein, fiber, and vitamins, etc.

Orgain has a blend of 4 vitamins and minerals whereas the 310 shakes have a blend of 20. Orgain has no probiotics and the 310 shake contains over 1 billion active probiotic cells per serving. The 310 shake has a unique greens blend consisting of 12 super fruits and vegetables whereas orgain features none.

Now, we are not bashing Orgain in the slightest, only making comparisons between the two.

Orgain is $29.00 cheaper than the 310 weight loss shake which is a bonus if you are on a budget. However, seeing that the Orgain weight loss shakes are lacking so many of the vital components that help create a body-healthy shake with all of the vitamins and minerals you need, then the saving doesn’t appear so attractive.

In fact, you would probably spend more than that $29.00 savings on probiotics each month, not forgetting to mention any vitamin, mineral, and fiber supplements you would have to pay out for. Sometimes it’s better to pay that little bit more to receive a complete shake that is formulated for weight loss.

Going back to superfoods and antioxidants, did you know that no single antioxidant will help keep your body protected? In fact, you need a combination of seven or more fruits and veggies a day to help your body stay defended and able to repair itself. Since the 310 shakes contain a blend of 12 fruits and vegetables, you can rest assured knowing that what you are drinking is not only making you look and feel good, but it’s also making your body healthier and stronger.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. If you give your body everything it needs to work properly, then you will find it easier to exercise for longer and stave off cravings. 

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