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Keto Diet Pills – All You Need To Know About

It’s a new year, and the resolution-trend is in full bloom. Instagram feeds across the world are flooded with motivational quotes and photos, and of course, New Year resolutions. And if your goal is to get leaner this year, this is the time when you may come across the keto diet as one of the popular options. The one that asks you to follow 70% fat-20% protien-10% carbs diet. In a nutshell, this diet aims to trick your body into entering the ketosis state where your body burns fat for fuel. Currently, the Keto 30-Day challenge is in vogue where companies like KetoLogic, Keto-Burn, and Honest Keto Diet are challenging keto diet followers to consume their supplementary Keto Pills. These relatively new companies have impressive-looking websites, loaded with information and positive reviews, and a payment gateway to avail their products right away. The promise of Keto Diet Pills is that the combination of ingredients in them accelerates the process of achieving ketosis, and thus, ultimately gets you to the target weight faster.

Despite the still ongoing debate about the long-term effectiveness of the keto diet, on one hand, the advent of Keto Pills and its rising followership on the other gives you something to think about.

Here are some points to consider before you spend hundreds of dollars on a 30-day pill-eating project.

What are Keto Pills?

Keto Pills are supplements that have been designed for followers of the keto diet. These pills guide you to a starvation phase that generates ketones in your body and uses it to convert to glucose. This also triggers an increase in leptin, a hormone that satiates appetite while reducing ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates it. Thus your body is tricked into feeling not hungry.

Keto Pills Ingredients

The Keto Pills have ketone-like ingredients that suppress appetite, augment electrolytes to counter the dehydrating effects of the regime. They are infused with several vitamins and minerals, as well as caffeine, to get you to a balanced state of ketosis.

Electrolyte supplements contain sodium up to 40%, which more than the recommended level. The pills claim that sodium will keep you energetic to counter the keto flu – effects of dehydration that occur after going on the diet. Honest Keto Diet sells weight loss supplements on Amazon that contain BHB salts (beta-hydroxybutyrate).

Keto Pills Price

The best weight loss supplements provided by these companies seem overpriced, considering the ingredients in them. Keto-Burn and KetoLogic provide these weight loss supplements at $40 and $100 per container, respectively. KetoLogic’s KetoEnergy kit costs $59.99 for 30 servings while Honest Keto Diet’s BHB supplements $19 for 60 capsules of BHB weight loss supplements.

Keto Pills Flavors

KetoLogic’s 30 Challenge Bundle contains KetoMeal and a BHB energy drink. KetoMeal comes in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and Neapolitan flavors while the BHB drink comes in apple-pear, cucumber-lime, orange-mango, grape, and patriot pop flavors.

Benefits of Keto Pills

Keto Diet Pills

The claims of the benefits of these Keto Pills are remarkable. They promise to be the best weight loss supplements that will increase your “fuel performance” to achieve the ketosis stage in a matter of three days, even addressing other issues like the risk of dehydration and “brain fog.” The following are the claimed benefits of these Keto Pills.

Induces Ketosis Faster:

Every pill is designed to boost the generation of ketones in the body. It will enter the ketosis stage quicker and help with the weight loss journey.

Burns Fat Efficiently

These pills claim to target the unwanted fat in the body and speed up the fat-burning process.

Replenishes Energy Levels

The Keto Pills revitalizes body cells by providing them quick energy boosts to compensate for the loss of appetite.

Improves Metabolism

The pills enhance metabolic activity that further help weight loss efforts.

Improves Brain Activity

Ketones generated by using the Keto Pills impart clarity of thought and boosts blood flow through the body.

Potential Side Effects of Keto Pills

The ketogenic state decreases craving for food in its initial stage. But after 30 days of being off the diet, the appetite-suppressing hormones increase dramatically from its previous threshold value making the person hungrier than before. The MCT oil in KetoLogic’s caffeine drink takes less time to digest than the LCTs found in regular, fatty foods. They go directly to the liver creating the “fat-burning” effect. The side effects of this biological transaction include diarrhea, nausea, constipation, and vomiting.

What Users Are Saying

According to the reviews section on KetoLogic’s website, many people believe that Keto Pills are the best weight loss supplements available in the market. Many users have shared their successful experiences with the Keto 30 Challenge. Some have also mentioned that the drinks and shakes have great taste. Although many comments are positive, a few of them expressed that there was no weight loss even after following the regime for two weeks.

On the other hand, Honest Keto Diet has 12% 1-star ratings and 73% 5-star ratings on Amazon.

Bottom Line

Supplements should be used as a supplementary approach to the regular foodstuff; its hierarchy in terms of importance is literally in its name. The best weight loss supplement is to make the right lifestyle choices that would complement your food intake. Eat more vegetables and fruits, less meat, and even lesser bakery products. Replacing food with powders will not help your biological system, and the quick-fix attitude will not help your psychological system. Every aspect of your health deserves your complete and undivided attention, and it can be achieved with a holistic outlook towards well-being.

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