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Medifast Shake Review: Crop Your Extra Fat

Obesity can be frustrating, right? We all dream to be slim and fit but losing weight isn’t as easy as eating food. If that’s exactly what you think in your head, Medifast Shake might be something you need.

Medifast Shakes came into existence when physician William Vitale created a calorie-restricted weight loss shakes as a meal replacement in 1980. That’s where today’s 285 million dollar company Medifast Inc. hit the market. The American weight loss and nutrition company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. It operates through its five subsidiaries Jason Pharmaceuticals Inc., Jason Enterprises Inc., Take Shape for Life Inc., Seven Crondall LLC, and Jason Properties LLC. Medifast products can be bought easily from their website, telemarketing, multi-level marketing, franchised clinics, and medical professionals.

What is Medifast Shake?

Medifast Shake is an extremely low-calorie meal replacement for fat burning. Medifast Shakes come in several different flavors together, forming a high-performance weight loss plan. Some of these diets even club these shakes with regular food. 

Although Medifast is designed especially for the insanely obese individuals, they are advised to pursue it only under a doctor’s supervision. For the ones with just a few extra pounds, it’s safer. As per the claims, the Medifast meals have been effective as a weight loss regime. In most cases, Medifast has helped individuals lose about 2-4 pounds per week, depending upon the plan they chose.

How Does Medifast Shake Work?

How can a diet of several meals help you lose weight? It’s pretty simple. Medifast recipes are extremely low calorie based meals. So a diet plan based on such meals incites and pushes the human body into a fat-burning mode. There the process starts.

With Medifast, dieters are free to choose from around 70 different plans. Some of these plans even approve regular foods. Medifast diets, along with all those weight loss benefits, are full of nutrition.

The Medifast weight loss plan is a three-phase strategy. Each phase has it’s own purpose, as explained below.

Phase 1 This phase is all about losing weight. Here the dieters lose weight at a rapid rate. The duration of this stage can be different for different people. The shredding process doesn’t end before the dieter comes down to the desired weight.

Phase 2 – This would be the transition phase and lasts for 6 weeks. Here the dieter makes a sleek transition from strict diet plans to a bit more relaxed eating habits.

Phase 3 This is the maintenance phase. Now the dieter has to make sure that they don’t put on the lost weight again. So here, a person is made capable of maintaining their lost weight for life with minimal changes.

Medifast Shake Review 

What Does It Cost?

On average, Medifast Shake costs about $2.79 per serving. A box containing 7 servings would cost you $19.50. These prices are subject to quantity, though. The more you buy in a single go, the less you pay.

Medifast Shakes offer you a wide range of packages. You get packages with 140 food varieties for $375. These packages also offer chocolate flavored and gluten-free meals as well. The 2-week starter package costs you $217.20. You can also avail special offers by signing up for the Medifast Advantage membership. You get a week’s meal free with free shipping along with other freebies.

Pros Cons of Medifast Shake

Significant Weight Loss

Medifast is a seriously restricted-calorie diet. Following this plan means that you cut down your calorie intake to just about 800 – 1000. This results in a significant amount of weight loss. Furthermore, these diets are filling and full of nutrition.

Easy to Adapt

The Medifast diet plan is simple to follow. You have to take five Medifast meals and along with that one lean and green meal. There is not even slight stress of counting your daily calorie intake. With limited options, adapting the diet plan is easy.


With the variety of flavors on offer, Medifast diet lets you choose as per your cravings. If you are allergic to a certain flavor, you can choose others, and if you aren’t, then you have more options to break the monotony.

Cons of Medifast Shake


Medifast plan is a severely restricted calorie diet. With calorie intake at a serious dip, the diet can be a tough adjustment at the early stages. From eating whatever and whenever you want, to sticking to limited meal options at fixed times isn’t an easy transition.


One of the biggest drawbacks of Medifast would be its cost. The average monthly cost of the meals would be somewhere around $300. Add to that the cost of your sixth meal. So taking up the Medifast diet can be a bit more expensive.

Bad Breath

Medifast diets induce ketosis in the body due to which the body starts using its fat as fuel. The process releases acetone as a byproduct, which comes out with your breath. Thus the diet can give your breath a touch of unpleasant alcoholic aroma.

Customer Reviews

Although most of the customers’ Medifast reviews laud it for its effectiveness, some of them had to complain as well. Some people had a lot of issues with the way it tastes, while others thought that the prices are slightly higher placed. Some reviewers also complained about severe health issues, but they didn’t mention whether they were in doctor’s supervision or not.

With some reviews on the wrong side, one thing that’s still positive about Medifast is the customers’ remark on its effectiveness. A major part of customer reviews tells the story of how people have undergone extreme weight loss with its help.

Bottom Line

Medifast Shakes can keep you full in the belly and low on calories. Although there have been some questions over some of the features and pricing of the diet, most people are pretty much sure about its effectiveness. Hence, despite all its shortcomings, Medifast Shakes serve their purpose well.

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