Raven & Crow makes its comfortable, stylish pajamas in Los Angeles

With their deep pockets, elasticized closures, and soft sustainable fabric, you won’t want to take these off.

Meg Remien never imagined she’d have a career in fashion, but after breaking her spine in a ski accident and spending six months healing in bed, she realized that, surely, there was a better way to design pajamas. She told TreeHugger over the phone:

“Because I was in my pajamas all day and all night, a lot things started to bother me. Either the fabric was itchy after a couple hours, or the fit just wasn’t right and I needed help pulling my pants up. I wanted something that stayed on my hips without needing a drawstring. All these little things added up.”

So Remien decided to design her own pair of the best possible pajamas a woman could ever want. The result is her loungewear company, Raven & Crow, launched in 2015.

Raven & Crow pajamas are made from a fabric blend that is 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent organic cotton. This gives them a luscious soft feeling that does not pill like polyester, lose its softness like flannel, or wrinkle like cotton. The fabric hangs comfortably on the body.

© Raven & Crow

Much thought has gone into the design. Both tops and bottoms feature pockets (yay! an absolute must that’s shockingly overlooked), as well as elasticized pant legs. This is done to prevent the legs from dragging on the floor and to allow the wearer to hike them up as needed. The waistband and the shirt cuffs are elasticized to keep them comfortably in place, and the tops are longer than average to avoid riding up in bed.

Another goal of Remien’s was to create American-made sleepwear – something that she could not find elsewhere and was a priority for her, especially as she learned more about the many issues with fast fashion. The pajamas are manufactured in the same facility in Los Angeles that produces the fabric.

Raven & Crow pajamas© Raven & Crow — Pajamas in dusk (color)

Raven & Crow pajamas come in a variety of poetic-sounding colors, including citrus, lilac, dusk, mint, pinot, midnight, and, of course, raven. Some feature an ombre-style dyeing technique. You can mix and match styles – long pants, shorts, long- or short-sleeved tops. While shoppers may find the price point higher than average (lower end of pricing is $59 per piece, with a few sales), Remien encourages women to give it a try. She told TreeHugger:

“For many women, once they have a pair, it’s a ‘lightning bolt’ moment. They realize, ‘OK, I get it,’ and they come back. Every time I put out a new color, I have women who buy it immediately.”

And when it comes to quality, manufacturing, and wanting to escape the fast fashion industry, it’s hard to beat:

“It’s a worthwhile investment. You spent a third of your life in bed, so why not spend a little bit extra on a brand that you’ll really fall in love with?”

Having spent the past month sleeping in a pair of Raven & Crow pajamas (under no obligation to write a review), I must agree they’re pretty fabulous and netted more than a few compliments from female family members at a recent gathering.

Visit Raven & Crow here.

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