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Slim Fast Shakes: Everything You Need to Know About

For more than forty years, slim fast has been helping people monitor their diet and lose weight as well. It sounds good for a diet where you can chug some milkshakes and end up losing weight as opposed to consuming fruits or vegetables with that aim. If you are to achieve that, you will need the slim fast shakes, which have been known to help individuals shed off the extra pounds easily. Launched back in 1977 by a company by the name of Thompson Medical Company, the Slimfast was mainly marketed as a weight-loss shake for meal replacement. There are several Slimfast reviews out there, but to know everything you need to know about the slim fast weight loss shakes, read on.

What is Slim Fast?

With its food as well as shake products, the Slimfast shake has become an endorsed brand that has dominated the diet world for quite a while now. This is not a fad but part of life, according to experts. The Slimfast diet replaces some meals with the slim fast products to lower the calories in the body for weight loss. The diet program is very easy to follow, and it bears fruits according to people who have been on it.


There are so many Slimfast ingredients as we have laid them out below.

Dairy ingredients 

The protein in the slim fast shakes is obtained from dairy products, specifically milk. Calcium and protein intake is known to lower body fat.


To provide the one-third of vitamins which are compromised by the low-calorie intake when you are dieting, the slim fast shakes have been fortified with some vitamins. They include vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, and B12.


Slim fast shakes come with fats in the form of canola oil. This is normally low in saturated fats, which might have negative effects on your body.


Slim fast shakes also come with preservatives like citric, sodium citrate, not forgetting the sodium bicarbonate. These help in keeping good PH levels in your body.


The slim fast shakes have been sweetened with different sugars like fructose and regular table sugar. The shakes similarly contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose.


Slim fast shakes have five different flavors according to the slim fast shakes reviews. The nutritional label is an indication that the flavors have been derived from natural as well as artificial sources, although they are not specific. You can, therefore, be sure to find a flavor that is going to suit you in the best way. The flavors include:

  • French Vanilla 
  • Cappuccino Delight 
  • Creamy Milk Chocolate 
  • Rich Chocolate Royale 
  • Strawberries and Cream


Easily Accessible 

The good thing about this diet plan is that the slim fast shakes are easily accessible to everyone. The reason we say this is because you will get the products almost in every supermarket, the grocery stores as well as the pharmacy all around the world.

Less Expensive 

As compared to other diet plans, this one is more affordable. Some programs require long term commitments to achieve the desired results. The slim fast diet will not require any commitment. You can therefore try it a day, a week, or even a month.

Easy to Follow

The next benefit of the slim fast protein shakes is that they are very easy to follow compared to other shakes. You will not need to count your calories, as is the case in other programs. With this diet, you can enjoy more calories and still lose weight.

Weight Loss

Several scientific studies, as well as success stories, prove that this diet helps one shed the extra pounds. This is the main reason you will want to try the slim fast diet. With less effort, you can shed several pounds in just a week.

Slim Fast Shakes

Side Effects

Mainly Built on Processed Food 

The main drawback of this diet is that it focuses most on consuming processed food. Experts recommend one to lower the processed food intake and increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables for optimal health.

Lacks Personalized Support 

With this program, it is very rare to get one on one support. However, they offer support via social media like Facebook websites as well as other forums. Face-to-face support would be better for this product.

The Taste is Being Criticized Online 

After reading the online reviews, you will realize that most people are criticizing the taste of the slim fast shakes. As much it might be helping you to lose weight, you will have to put up with the taste. At least there are different flavors you can try.

Final Thoughts

The slim fast diet is a weight loss program that works by a replacement of two meals a day. It is high in proteins and low in calories to help you achieve weight loss. When shopping for weight-loss products, you should always remember that a good weight loss program is not that which is easy to follow or one which is cheap in the market. Before you make up your mind, there are several questions you will want to ask yourself to avoid frustrations. Our closing remarks will be that there is no issue with this apart from its short-term nature.

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