Things to know about tummy tuck

Every day thousands of women hit gym to shed pounds, to have a toned body but how many of them get to have the body of their dream. For sure getting a toned body is no child’s play, it requires efforts and when the efforts don’t get you what you want, money does.



Women these days go an extra mile for a flat tummy with tummy tuck procedures. However, there are things that you should know about tummy tuck procedure. Let’s have a look.



Plan your time

You will need time to get back to your real form. If you are into a desk job, you will need at least 2 weeks after the procedure. You won’t be able to lift heavy objects, as a matter of fact any sort of heavy physical work, any workout or even travelling will be out of question. So, before going under the knife, plan your time.



Arrange help for post procedure time

After the procedure, you will not able to do anything. If you have kids, remind yourself to hire a help for yourself. Someone who could feed the kids, take care of all the household chores and even feed you. Yes, days after the procedure you won’t be able to move from your spot. For first week, even sitting is a far-fetched thought.

By second week, you will start recovering but nothing more than just sitting and walking a little bit, nothing rigorous. You should not even think of workouts, traveling, lifting things (Carrying your babyin arms). Just have patience, all the instructions might make you feel a bit annoyed but this is how it is.



A great diet

Remember, the key to recover fully is a great diet. Follow a strict diet routine. And if possible, take help of a nutritionist. After procedure, there will be times when you won’t feel like eating anything. However, you need to eat well. A diet rich in fiber, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients is what you will need after the procedure.



A year and so for complete healing

You may get back work after a couple of weeks but do not expect to get healed before a year. All the pain, swelling and post procedure swelling will recover in first six weeks. However, the pain and swelling will be there that will take at least a year to get better.

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