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truFIX and truCONTROL: Health Benefits of These Supplements

Weight loss is a huge problem that most people face in our world right now. Most people want to lose weight, but do not know how they can achieve that goal. Most of them believe that such a goal is impossible to achieve. TruVision is a company that sells various supplements that help people to attain their weight loss goals. They stock various supplements that can help you to control your appetite, improve your digestion, and have adequate sleep. If you want to purchase their products, then it would be advisable that you check out some TruVision reviews as well as read the following article to make a wise buying decision. This TruVision review will concentrate more on the supplements that help users to achieve their weight loss goals, namely: truFIX and truCONTROL.

TruVision products claim to offer numerous benefits to their users. They offer various supplements, including truSLUMBER that helps users to have an adequate sleep, truFIX to improve blood chemical make-up, and TruWeight to aid users in losing weight. Unfortunately, truFIX has already obtained a warning letter from FDA stating that it contains DMBA, which is harmful to human health to start with. But TruVision showed that it cared for its clients by removing the ingredient from the product.

Weight Loss Claims Made by truFIX

truFIX Makes the Following Claims to its Users as Listed Below;

-truFIX improves blood cholesterol
-It regulates the sugar content in your blood
-It supports the well-being of your liver

Active Ingredients Used to Make truFIX:

Alpha Lipoic Acid – A study conducted showed that this acid improved the antioxidant levels of HIV patients. It treats inflammation. The acid is extracted from fruits, meat, and vegetables. This shows that Truvision products are made from natural ingredients.

Chromium – This is an ingredient that is needed for the proper functioning of your body and is extracted from herbs, fish, meat, and eggs. You can take this supplement if you do not have enough chromium in your body.

Raspberry Ketones – This is another important ingredient that is known because of burning excess fats in your body. It prevents plaque from building up in your arteries.

Magnesium – It regulates glucose levels in your brand to acceptable levels and can reduce your blood pressure.
Copper – This ingredient has strong anti-oxidative properties that make the supplement to be useful to its users.

From the above information, we can say that the claims it makes are true, and this makes it a good supplement.

Claims Made by truCONTROL


truCONTROL is another TruVision product that aims to help users improve their metabolism and reduces their body fat.

It claims to offer the following benefits to its users as listed below:
-truCONTROL improves your body’s metabolism
-It reduces appetite
-It boosts your energy levels

But it is not possible to measure the positive aspects of every ingredient used in this supplement. 

Below are the active ingredients that are used to make truCONTROL:

Caffeine – This is a great ingredient that improves your metabolism levels and increases your fat oxidiation rates. It helps users to lose fat after hitting the gym.

Green Tea Extracts – Green tea is popular because of its weight loss benefits. It has been clinically proven to improve your metabolism and help to burn excess fat.

Cocoa Powder – It improves the circulation of blood in your body and reduces blood pressure. But it does not improve metabolism nor burn fats.

Yohimbine – This is a unique ingredient that is widely known because of its fat-burning properties. However, it depends on the dosage that the user consumes. When used appropriately, it can increase your adrenaline levels.


So, will TruVision products help you attain your weight loss goals? We visited their website and found some positive TruVision reviews and that the products are made from natural ingredients.

If you wish to lose weight, then I would recommend TruVision products because they contain natural
ingredients that have been clinically tested and proved that they are safe for consumption.

As this article explains, the company has numerous weight loss products that are effective. They use plant-based ingredients that are safe for your health. You need to visit their website to check all TruVision products that are on offer. This article, and along with other TruVision reviews, will help readers make informed decisions when buying TruVision products.

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