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Vital Reds: The Remarkable Supplement You Should Be Taking

Polyphenols are an unsung kind of nutrient that offers significant positive effects on someone`s whole welfare when used in sufficient amounts. Sourced from the antioxidant family, polyphenols are popularly known to have several health benefits. Polyphenols are usually a small but crucial component in the Vital Reds additive. Among the benefits that come with using Vital Reds as an everyday additive is such as: 

  • The rate of aging may slow down. 
  • Enhanced protection from ultraviolet rays
  • Improved health of the brain 
  • Reduced chances of either low or high blood pressure
  • Blood sugar regulation that is consistent

Even though polyphenols are in plenty in fruits, seeds, fresh seasonings as well as vegetables; a significant percentage of people do not take fresh fruits as well as vegetables on a daily basis. Therefore, Vital Reds offers these vital nutrients in a more suitable as well as readily usable package. 

Components of Vital Reds 

The supplement, as mentioned above, is a blend of more than fifty ingredients, whereby thirty-four are exclusive polyphenol extracts. The sweet berry-flavored supplement–a result of the exceptional combination of elements–is thought of as the signature supplement of Dr. Steven Gundry`s nutritional company, GundryMD. Thermogenic ingredients, also referred to as fat burning components, make up a significant part of the Vital Reds preparation. 

This brand of supplement is helpful, especially with losing weight and as well as essential inclusion to your dietary additives. Vital Reds has some additional ingredients such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.reuteri 2, Bacillus coagulants as well as Bifidobacterium Lactis. Also, the digestive combination is green as well as white teas, cinnamon bark, ginger root, bitter melon extracts, and turmeric rhizome abstracts, which are also referred to as the metabolic combination. 

These ingredients add to making Vital Reds an utterly nourishing supplement intended to be used on an everyday basis, mostly due to the primary health advantages it can provide. 

Formulating Vital Reds Supplement for Consumption 

Concocting Vital Reds for usage is a natural process. Because of its powder form, it is advisable that you put some of the supplements in a glass of water or another beverage you like. Stir for it to blend also and adequately drink once every day to enjoy the most of the advantages the supplement has to offer. 

There are as well some psychological enhancements that come with taking this additive, such as an upsurge in overall strength, improved metabolic functions, as well as enhance the texture of the skin and tone. 

Also, their supplement is designed in a way that one can consume it together with other complementary supplements, and most of them are mostly made by the GrundyMD organization. Below are some of the other supplements you can use with the Vital Reds for the maximum dietary benefits: 

Prima Plants 

The additive blends a healthy concoction of ingredients, which as well have a generous amount of polyphenols. It is suitable for assisting the enhancement of all metabolic processes. 

Omega Advanced 

The Omega-3 supplement offers essential support to the growth and welfare of the body in general. 


This is a perfect mixture of five prebiotic components that are intended to come up with a pleasant environment for the prebiotic lifespan in the digestive system. 

Lectin Shield 

The Lectin Shield supplement focuses mainly on reducing the impact of the lectins you ingest, which helps enhance your general digestive health. 

Side Effects of Vital Reds 

This supplement has no reported side effects to-date. (Read more about this topic on Vital Reds on Consumer Health.) 

Pros of Vital Reds 

  • The packages come with sealed containers, which means complete protection from microorganisms like fungus.
  • It is a fruity mixture that can be consumed with a beverage of your choice.
  • This supplement does not cause nausea or irritation.
  • Vital Reds supplement does not need any prescription though you can seek advice from a doctor if needed.
  • This supplement does not need any changes in either eating or workouts. 
  • It has an excellent charge of energy that lasts long.
  • This additive assists against the build-up of fats in the body 
  • Vital Reds as well enhances digestion with reduced bloating, discomfort as well as gas.
  • You also get to save in an on discounts offered when you purchase multi-jar packages.

With various products in the market to treat issues with the heart as well as reduce weight, Vital Reds is unique. It is a rich mixture of 21 unique polyphenols together with other components like vitamin B-12, cinnamon, ginger, and thiamin, and can be hugely beneficial to your health.

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