What do Americans know about foreign food?

Infographic reveals that U.S. knows more about Kenyan food than French or Chinese!

What do people in China, Ireland, and Egypt eat on a daily basis? One thousand Americans were asked this question in order to determine how accurate their perceptions of foreign food really are. The results were surprising, as you will discover in the infographic below. It turns out that Americans are good at pinpointing standard Cuban, Canadian, and Irish foods, but when it comes to Mexican, Indian, and French, the results are unimpressive.

It raises interesting questions about the Americanization of many foods that we continue to associate with their native countries, even though they’re not at all central to the traditional diets of those places. Take pizza, for example. Everyone thinks pizza is an Italian staple, but it’s actually a rare treat that’s enjoyed only at dinnertime and usually in a whole pie form. (I still recall my Italian friends laughing at the tourist signs on city streets that offer pizza a pranzo – pizza at lunch – only for tourists. No self-respecting Italian would eat pizza for lunch.)

Test your own knowledge about foreign food below (via Home Run Inn Pizza).

© Home Run Inn Pizza (used with permission)

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