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Why It’s Optimal That Each 310 Shake Is Packed with Probiotics Your Gut Needs

Inside every 310 shake you consume is a healthy serving of friendly bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics. The market for probiotics has rapidly expanded over the last few years and you can now find the ingredient in various products ranging from yogurts to milk bars and dietary supplements. As defined by the FDA, probiotics refer to certain live microorganisms (bacteria) that are friendly and cause various health benefits on the host. The gut has a natural supply of the good bacteria responsible for a number of functions. However, most good bacteria is washed to the stomach and digested. Medication such as antibiotics and various health conditions may also reduce the number of good bacteria in the gut. For this reason, taking probiotics from time to time is highly recommended to resupply your gut with healthy bacteria.  

Health benefits of probiotics 


You only need to look at the health benefits of taking probiotics to understand why each 310 shake is packed with these microorganisms. 310 shakes contain an optimal amount of fiber and moderate protein mainly to supplement most fitness regimens. The goal is to reduce your sugar intake, improve your immunity and increase overall energy. However, getting in shape also requires that you establish proper digestive health. Probiotics have the following benefits: 

  • Balancing gut bacteria

The gut has both good and bad bacteria. When medications such as antibiotics are taken to kill the bad bacteria, they also kill the good ones. Taking probiotics resupplies the gut with good bacteria establishing a balance that is needed to maintain a healthy digestive system. 

  • Heals digestive disorders

Most probiotic supplements are taken alongside antibiotics to help reduce the diarrhea that often accompanies the use of antibiotics. Essentially, probiotics are taken to reduce or stop diarrhea and are also recommended for those suffering irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders such as indigestion and bloating. Probiotics are the good bacteria that help to ease digestion and kill off bad bacteria.  

  • Increased weight loss

Probiotics have been shown to increase the metabolism of fat by preventing their absorption into the blood stream. Dietary fat is passed on to fecal matter rather than absorbed thus reducing the overall percentage of body fat. What’s more, probiotics are known to impact the release of various enzymes manly GLP-1. Various studies have shown that taking probiotic supplements can help participants lose 50% more weight as they are known to curb hunger by reducing appetite. You also burn more calories. 

  • Improved immunity against diseases

Harmful bacteria is the primary cause of most infections ranging from tonsils to flu, general cough and inflammations. Good bacteria is required to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, as they feed on them. Taking probiotics has also been shown to increase the natural production of antibodies and immune cells like T-lymphocytes and IgA-producing cells. Various studies have been conducted to reveal the benefits of probiotics in reducing respiratory and urinary tract infections and most of them show great promise.  

There are several other benefits of probiotics related to heart health, allergies and eczema and mental conditions. There are literally hundreds of separate studies done to identify the health benefits of probiotics in treating and managing various disorders and infections. This couldn’t be more evident considering how flooded the market has become with probiotic supplements and inclusion in different foods. 

310 shake and probiotics 

310 shakes are provided for meal replacement to supplement a workout or fitness regimen. These shakes do not include any sugar or gluten, but are still sweet and very nutritious. They include essential minerals and vitamins in addition to dietary fiber and protein that will help you put a halt to sugar cravings and control your hunger levels. By adding probiotics to the formula, these shakes become a complete nutritional supplement that delivers essential nutrients and a balanced diet to support your workouts and activities. There are different types of probiotics so you won’t be restricted to one specific strain. All ingredients have also been thoroughly researched to ensure the formula is natural, healthy and safe.  


Regularly drinking a 310 shake is one way to enter a diet that will lead you to healthy living and fitness. Besides providing the required nutrition, it is essential that your gut is provided with the necessary probiotics to help establish a healthy digestive system and strong immunity. What’s more, you get to take your daily probiotics in a delicious nutritious diet shake rather than a supplement pill.

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