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Win the Battle Against Crepey Skin

Doesn’t it always happen when you expect it the least? You mind your own business and then you notice your elbow in a particular position, and you see it. Something nobody should ever see on their own body – crepey skin.


Crepey skin looks floppy and crumbly. It got its name after crepe paper which explains a lot.

Skin crepe is a result of low estrogen and collagen levels, both of which are proteins that give your skin elasticity and strength. The skin appears crepey after those proteins fall in numbers and both dermis and epidermis layers of the skin become thinner.

This condition shouldn’t be mixed up with typical wrinkles. Wrinkles are marks that occur once one particular part of skin has been overused. The best example is the so called ‘worry crease’ that appears when you change your facial expressions a lot. After all, it seems that it truly does come to vision when you worry a lot, right? Our faces are also homes to many other types of wrinkles such as those around areas at the corners of mouth and eyes, which is induced by our smiling.

Crepey skin is not like wrinkles, which are, as mentioned before, just lines or creases. It has a whole different skin texture that was explained before.

After turning 30, productions of proteins in your skins becomes slower. They used to let your skin take its original form back pretty quickly after a certain action, but at this age when there are less of them it’s not as efficient as it used to be. It’s like one of those products you buy in a supermarket that wears off gradually as you use it more.

Skin crepe can appear very late, but most often it becomes visible after turning 40. However, it can appear earlier or later, which depends on many factors and your genetics is certainly one of them.

It’s most likely to be visible at areas where the skin is usually thinner, such as your neck, your hands, or even most parts of your face.


Now that we’ve established what causes crepey skin naturally, it’s time to think of things that cause it prematurely or just make it worse than it should be. Genetics and age do play a huge role, but certain things in everyday life can disturb estrogen and collagen, which are, as we learned, crucial to maintaining a youthful vibe to your skin. Let’s look at some important factors:
DRY SKIN – Skin does indeed become drier with age, but when it’s dehydrated, it can lead to crepey skin.

SMOKING – Cigarettes are also guilty for ruining skin elasticity, as they’re responsible for lower levels of oxygen. Just look at a passionate, lifelong smoker and it all makes sense.

HORMONES – Lack of female hormones makes the skin drier and more prone to skin crepe.

DRASTIC LOSS OF WEIGHT – As you lose fat, your skin becomes thinner. It’s not rocket science, but unregulated drastic weight loss programs are also responsible for crepey skin.

SUN EXPOSURE – ‘Photo aging’ is a thing. UV rays damage the skin and impact the condition of your skin.

SUGAR, SUGAR – A high sugar diet causes glycation which practically makes collagen and estrogen more stiff.


  1. BE CAREFUL ON THE SUN -Always wear sunscreen and/or clothes which protect you from the sun, even in not so sunny seasons.
  2. USE MOISTURIZERS – We’ve said how dry skin induces skin crepe. Use moisturizers that are rich with glycerin or some good acids on a daily basis. Also, exfoliate to keep your skin’s good looks.
  3. STUDY YOUR CLEANSERS – Make sureevery bodycleanser of yours doesn’t harm your skin and strips parts of it off. This is pretty important! 
  4. EAT WELL – A good diet, rich in omega-3 fats and low in sugar prevents skin dehydration andcrepeyskin.


There are other options to combat crepey skin. They may come across as too expensive or not promising enough but many people found their solutions in one of these ways:

FRAXEL (FRACTIONAL LASER TREATMENT) – As lasers heat specific areas just under the skin, that encourages protein production. It’s as simple as that.

ULTRASOUND – It’s very similar to fraxel – consists of applying heat to impact collagen growth.

FILLERS – Fillers like Sculptra or Radiesse are injected into the skin and also stimulate collagen growth. They also make your skin’s texture and overall appearance better than usual.

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin, so no matter how young you are, starting now is a good investment in your skin’s future. For those who are older and already started experiencing crepey skin, good news is that there are plenty of ways to combat it and defeat it.The more you know about your skin, the better it will look! 

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