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Yoga For Weight Loss: Types, Health Benefits, and More

Many of us spend a lot of money and time trying to reduce their weight. Many of the methods often fail to work in the long run, and even if it does, it’s usually for a short while. Using Yoga for Weight Loss was very common in the past, and today, it’s also proven to be very useful for your healthy living. The only problem is that not many understand how effective Yoga could reduce weight and improve general health. Therefore, we shall look at the primary yoga poses, types of Yoga, and its benefit to our health.

What Is Yoga?

The simple definition of Yoga is a connection between mind, body, and spirit. Breathing, mediation, proper stretching, centering spirit, and mind are among the practices that help you discover and connect to your body. Thus, these practices can be defined as Yoga, and some different types and practices serve other purposes. The main aim of Yoga is to demystify the “no pain, no gain” philosophy common in the fitness communities. It’s not also a place where you have to go beyond your abelites. The practice is useful and helps you succeed with your weight loss goals without punishing your body.

Types of Yoga: A Breakdown of The Major Styles


This is among the best yoga for weight loss advocated for those seeking to restore postures. In the 1890s, vinyasa was developed from Ashtanga yoga, and it mainly involves the coordination of breath and movement from one pose to the other. There may be more than one posse in different sequences depending on the teacher.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a word from Sanskrit, which refers to the sun and moon. It’s a way through which one can balance opposing forces. It’s also a general term used to refer to yoga types that use the body to communicate. It can involve physical & mental energy, strength & flexibility, or breath & the body. It’s also the best yoga type for beginners as it always paced slower than yoga exercises for weight loss.

Iyengar Yoga

B.K.S. Iyengar founded Iyengar yoga with the primary purpose of alignment and detained movements. When you attend Iyengar yoga classes, expect to perform different yoga positions while controlling your breath. This is the best method for those with injuries and is interested in working out their body methodically and slowly.

Kundalini Yoga

This is equivalent to a physical and spiritual yoga type. Its main aim is to unleash kundalini energy believed to have been coiled, trapped in our lower spine. Kundalini yoga classes are very intense, and at the time, they may involve mediation, chanting, and mantra. Also, it involves fast-moving, invigorating yoga postures, and breathing exercises to work on your breathing and core.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a Sanskrit term that means Eight limb path when translated in English. In Mysore, India, people gather as they practice this type of Yoga for weight loss at their own pace. Moreover, it includes physically demanding posture sequences, and it’s not for beginners. Ashtanga often begins with five sun salutations A’s & B’s and a series of standing plus floor postures.

Bikram Yoga

Named after Bikram Choudhury, Bikram yoga deals with a set of yoga position sequences in a sauna-like room (40% humidity and 105-degrees. Bikram yoga involves a series of 26 basic yoga postures in which each pose is performed twice. The yoga-type aims for proper alignment.

Yin Yoga

If you need a slow-paced yoga type, then Yin is the right option. However, you should know that it involves seated postures that are held from 45sec to 2min. Also, it can be the best mediative Yoga that lets you find your inner peace. Also, the cause is very relaxed, thus ideal for beginners too.

Which Practices Are Best for Weight Loss?

Losing weight isn’t such a simple task, and many people often spend months and years trying to cut down some pounds. However, with Yoga for weight loss, you can quickly reduce weight when following the best yoga practices for weight loss. For those opting for pure calory burn, then you should opt for vinyasa yoga. This yoga practice takes you through several movements that aim to integrate your core and weight-bearing on the hands and feet. Some imaginable moves that enable your hand to hold your body weight will build your muscles and increase the heart rate. Therefore, it will burn more calories.

Also, by performing power yoga for weight loss, you can benefit mentally, physically, and spiritually. However, it’s very intense and best for those who are already physically fit. This kind of Yoga has less mediation but involves more of faster-paced movements and yoga poses. The heart is likely to pump faster than when doing vinyasa yoga can help you lose weight faster.

However, to lose weight, it’s all about exercising, you should first have a positive attitude only then can you lose weight. Again, overserving a healthy diet will help you to cut down the amount of calorie intake. Therefore, you can burn more calories when making yoga poses.

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga for weight loss

To lose weight, you’ll need some unique yoga poses that can help you archive your goal faster. Therefore, we shall consider the best Yoga poses for weight loss.

Plank Pose

This could be the best yoga workout for weight loss as it doesn’t involve much struggle but yield excellent outcome. using your yoga mat, start with your arm and foot on the ground as though you are getting ready for a push-up’s. But instead, step the feet back and lift the heels, then strengthen the arms. Engage your core and hold for 30sec. Plank pose burns belly fact and strengthens the core.

Warrior Two: 

  1. Point the right foot 90° to the left while the left foot 10-15° towards the right. 
  2. Look towards the right so that your eyes and right foot face a similar direction. 
  3. Elongate the arms, then bend the front knee to make it directly above the front heel. 

Warrior two pose strengthens & build endurance on the outer heaps and legs.

Boat Pose

While sitting on your yoga mat, extend the legs Infront, bend the knees, and lift the floor’s feet. This ensures your shins and floor are parallel; after that, you’ll need to extend the arms till they are parallel, then hold form 30s. The Boat pose strengthens abdominal muscles and hip flexors.

Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Is Yoga good for weight loss? Yoga is a simple way of losing weight if you take as part of your regular exercise routines. However, it’s never the best eight loss method for everyone. But there is an assurance that you will lose significant pounds in the long run. The weight loss program’s main people are always to burn more caloriesYoga can help you archive that goal and choose the best yoga practices for weight loss.

Those who are physically active can add Yoga to their exercise routine 2-3 times a week, but it’s good to start once every week if you are getting started with Yoga. Vinyasa or Bikram are among the physically demanding yoga styles that are weight-bearing and more aerobic, meaning you’ll burn more weight. Therefore, practicing these styles of Yoga can help you burn extra calories, thus leading to weight loss.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a 2013 study published about a 10-days yoga program. The study pointed out the decreases in risk of cardiovascular problems in overweight men. another 2013 study that involved a 48-day yoga practice found out that Yoga contributes to weight loss. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose by Doing Yoga?

Is Yoga good for weight loss? This is one of the many questions that those seeking to lose weight often ask. However, knowing the number of calories, one can lose while doing Yoga can also be very important. Therefore, it’s ideal to remember that the amount of weight you can lose by doing Yoga depends on the yoga type and performing it. Some yoga poses are more int4snsisve and are like to enhance calorie burning processes.

Thus, they can let you lose much weight compared to other low-intensity Yoga. in a 2013 sturdy, people with 26 BMI could lose 1.9kg of weight on average after 10-day yoga exercises for weight loss.

Yoga Diet Plan for Weight Loss

When doing a yoga workout for weight loss, it’s essential to understand that a perfect diet plays a significant role in ensuring your goal’s fulfillment. Not all diet can support your weight loss goals; that’s why we have included the best diet plans for weight loss.

Nuts: These are a rich source of fiber and protein, which takes a long to digest, thus reduces hunger. Nuts don’t fluctuate the blood sugar/pressure levels. So, you can take 20-24 almonds a day also to minimize calory intake.

Popcorn: Popcorns are the best snack that supports your weight loss goals due to their low calory. a cup of popcorns with 4g of fiber contains 30 calories only, so stick to plain popcorn. It’s healthy for your weight loss goals.

Water: Taking water can increase our metabolic rate by 30%, as declared by German researchers. not every time you feel hunger is meal time. A cup of water or (flavored water) can help you stay true to your weight loss goals. Make it your routine to drink water.

Chicken: Chicken is an excellent boost to weight loss goals. Why? It’s because they increase metabolism and build lean muscles, thus reducing the stubborn fat. You can think of protein like beef, gees fish, or legumes to substitute chicken.

Beans & Other Vegetables: Vegetables and beans help reduce calory intake, thus ideal for your weight loss goals. Always try to include it in your meals.

Spicy Foods: Spices are ideal as they also contribute to your weight loss dreams. Adding cayenne pepper to your food will enhance ketosis (fat burning process) and improve the flavor.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Improves Flexibility:  One of the significant health benefits of Yoga is improving flexibility. As you move and strengthen in different ways, you will unlock the tight areas. Thus, it can enhance flexibility in your back, shoulders, hamstring, and hips. Sitting for a more extended period reduces flexibility, but yoga positions can reverse these problems.

Support Joint Health: Apart from using Yoga for weight loss, you can also improve your joint health. Low impact yoga poses to strengthen muscles without causing injuries. Also, Yoga strengthens muscles around the joints; thus, you can rely7 on Yoga for improving joint health.

Reduce Stress: Yoga requires a high level of concentration, which helps you to forget all stress. Thus, you can stay free from stress and stay a healthy life free from depression and anxiety that are often associated with stress. You’ll get to sleep better due to relieve stress.

Build Strength: Most of the yoga poses will demand that you bear your body’s weight in new ways. For instance, to balance your weight in one leg or one hand as you hold the position for a more extended period builds muscular strength.

Improves Balance: Improvement of balance is among the top benefits of Yoga. As one gets older, they may start to lose balance. Suppose you are doing yoga posses where you support your weight using one leg, or you are doing invasion, you’ll improve balance.

Increases Muscular Tone: As you get stronger, you will observe an increase in muscle tone. Thus, Yoga’s health benefit includes shaping long and lean muscles in your back, legs, arms, and abdomen.

How Often Should You Do Yoga to Lose Weight?

If you are hoping to lose weight with yoga exercises, then it’s ideal you do Yoga thrice a week. However, you should keep your body active by engaging in cardio, HIIT workout, or weightlifting for 45-60minutes. Also, remember that exercise without a proper diet can prevent you from archiving your weight loss goals. It’s also ideal to understand that you can lose weight when you consume fewer calories than your body can burn.


Losing weight is never an easy task, but you can succeed without putting on many struggles with the correct method. A larger portion of our society today has adopted the use of Yoga for weight loss. Funnily enough, yoga exercises for weight loss have proven helpful, a good reason why Yoga has now substituted other weight loss methods. Therefore, considering the different yoga positions, benefits, and types, you can prefer Yoga over other weight loss methods.

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